The "Creativity Lab!" in Action

The “Creativity Lab!” is an amazing creative resource for clients across a wide swath of industries. The lab concept works incredibly well because creative problem solving can be messy, indirect, and even silly at times. Our lab inspires experimentation, hypotheses, and the clarity and confidence to “give new directions a whirl.” We don’t stop there, though.

We rapidly prototype, test, revise, reflect, and retool as often and as quickly as the challenges at hand demand. The lab metaphor continues as we document, protect, and deliver on the creative solutions through clear processes, talented laser-focused execution, and market-driven messaging that can only come from being part of the creative strategy.

QuaraCORE’s “Creativity Lab!” began because Randi detected a distressing pattern the more she worked with thought leaders across so many different industries. Leaders risk (and waste) vast amounts of time, energy, and money solving problems they DO see while often missing CORE problems they SHOULD see. So, we developed the proprietary “Creativity Lab!” process to help avoid this dangerous obstacle to success.

With markers in hand, Randi loves to personally lead our clients through this defining exploration to verify problems, distill messages, and construct smart creative products, campaigns, and solutions. We’ll then masterfully bring your vision to life to deliver on and beyond the market’s expectations—and yours.

To explore this unique “Creativity Lab!” approach with QuaraCORE, click here to reach out now (no matter what time of the day or night!) or email Randi directly at If you want to connect more rapidly than these two options offer, just call us NOW at
312-981-2540. (Odds are—Randi’s probably awake!)


When do clients choose “The Creativity Lab!" for challenges?

Clients typically come to QuaraCORE’s “Creativity Lab!” for one of three reasons:

  1. Clients have a complex creative challenge they aren’t sure how to solve.
  2. Clients know what they should do, but schedule, market, or budget demand they create something different and equally effective instead.
  3. Clients need a quick and thorough turnaround solution to fix an earlier creative plan that didn’t deliver the right results.

What’s the specific “Creativity Lab!” process?


Unlike lockstep, rigidly constructed processes, QuaraCORE’s “Creativity Lab!” is in and of itself—creative to the CORE. We follow a four-step lab process that provides a focused underpinning. Coupled with ample elasticity and agility, this process lets us respond rapidly and effectively to a range of creative demands in record time. Like elephants, we “never forget” that creativity is rarely a straight line so our process allows for, and even encourages, rich collaborative twists and turns that often coax out the best creative results.

How long does the typical “Creativity Lab!” process take?

We effectively address many creative challenges in one intensive two-day lab session that’s held in our Chicago offices—or in your zip code. (Yes, we do have a “Creativity Lab! Road Show.”) We make very good use of every moment before, during, and in between lab days, too. (Don’t worry, though. We still make time to eat, sleep, and even go on a quick shopping spree!)

Other, more complex challenges thrive with an initial two-day lab session that’s followed by home-based fieldwork for everyone (rapid prototyping, screening and setting up user interviews, and gathering market feedback, etc.). Then it’s back into the lab for another session to reflect, review, and revise based on what we’ve discovered. After this revision cycle, clients opt for various execution and engagement strategies.

Depending upon the macro or micro nature of the creative challenge at hand, we determine the specifics of each lab process and timeline based on your hypotheses and field conditions. To craft the best lab model, our process begins with a Discovery Call and a detailed estimate. We all also do some very beneficial homework long before anyone dons a lab coat!


How many steps are in the “Creativity Lab!” process?

art for process.jpg

No matter what lab configuration is best for your creative challenge, every lab experience consists of the four main steps in the “Creativity Lab!” process. Regardless of the exact route, we’ll explore all four steps—in the best order for each particular challenge. Each of the four steps reflects a facet of the CORE
of QuaraCORE.


There are many critical Cs in the process—

We begin by seeking clarity about the creative challenge. Clients arrive in the “Creativity Lab!” with their conceptual hypothesis and lots of curiosity. Together we connect and collaborate to confirm objectives, parameters, obstacles, and direction. Only then do we begin to create concepts for consideration.

The O stands for multiple Os—

By being open to the opinions of others, we quickly go out into the market with prototypes, seeking objective opportunities to validate the originality and functionality of concepts before executing them. By going OUT into the client’s world together, we observe how others react, respond to, and relate to the proposed solution—from the onset.

The Rs in the process resonate—

To ensure our work together yields the right results, everyone needs to be receptive to the outside feedback received. After we review and reflect on the research together, we revise, refine, reframe, revamp, and get ready to ramp up the solution.

There’s an E for every endgame—

In the Creativity Lab!” we envision, shape, concept, prototype, research, and verify the creative solution. After the lab, when clients want QuaraCORE to effectively execute the vision, we immediately create a detailed estimate. We’ll also provide a clear set of exit documents including files, prototypes, and specs. QuaraCORE also excels at customer engagement and marketing services. Many clients are excited to explore this equally important next step with QuaraCORE, too.

And there’s the food, of COREse!

From the moment you begin to plan your Creativity Lab!” adventure, our Client Concierge jumps in to assist with logistics, reservations, and of course, food. By the time you arrive, we’re fully stocked with your favorite treats to sip, munch, and nibble. We also weave in special Chicago-style flavors. From amazing cupcakes with plenty of sprinkles and divine donuts that are diet-free to Chicago’s own caramel and cheese popcorn, our team anticipates your every whim. We’ve also got a plan for allergies, cravings, and midnight snacks.

Because we know you need focus and energy, we orchestrate just the right blend of proteins, fruits, and grains to maximize creative bandwidth. With enough cheese, even deep-dish pizza qualifies as a power protein. Wait till you see our Oatmeal Oasis, too. Of course, the “Creativity Lab!” isn’t complete until you head back home with your customized goodie bag in hand. But don’t worry; we even have a full workout facility just one floor up.